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We believe that athletes and coaches who see sport as the purest path to aligning their mind, body and spirit  and seek to achieve the highest possible level of performance are one and the same.

Today's athletes and coaches are foremost catalysts to our expanding collective consciousness. 

Our community offers those athletes and coaches a home, practical resources and critical opportunities for growth.

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An open letter from SEC Group Member, Mette Rosseland:

Dear SEC friends!

It has been some days since I spent the weekend with you in San Rafael and it has been a lot to digest. Most of all I feel so humble and grateful for being a part of this group and connecting with so many of you. It was an atmosphere of open mindedness and genuine interest in learning and sharing that is very rare to experience. 

It felt like coming home!

My deepest thanks goes to the Pionérs and founders of SEC Mike Spino, Barry Robbins, David Meggyesy, Scott Ford, Greg Warburton and Rick Leskowitz for showing up in the Arena and daring greatly. Starting a journey of a new paradigm is never easy and I am forever grateful for what you have done so far. I would love to spend more time with each and everyone of you dragging out all of your experiences, knowledge and wisdom. 

It was a weekend filled with joy and inspiration and I feel like giving thanks to some of you that made this so exceptional.

  • Thank you Scott for introducing me to “Soft eyes” and giving me my first Tennis experience ever, and in the zone ☺. I am so excited to explore the technique.

  • And also thanks to Chad Stoloff who I will stay in touch with and share valuable experiences.

  • After many years of following Positive Coaching Alliance and integrating the Triple-Impact Competitor in my work, I finally got to meet Jim Thompson. I really enjoyed your lesson and hopefully we will have the opportunity to continue our conversation some time.

  • Jason Dorland, I admire your courage going from leading with fear to leading with love and integrity. You give me hope and inspiration working with Managers, Head Coaches and authentic leadership.

  • To Robyn Meagher for sharing your important life lessons, mindset and values with us.

  • To Josh and Heidi for making this whole event magnificent. You are also giving me faith in the future. I wish I had your knowledge and insights when I was your age ;)

  • To Per Bristow for your energy, humor and courage to show vulnerability. For  sharing your knowledge, inspire and dragging us out of our comfort zone. Being wholehearted, as Dr. Brené Brown would describe it. 

  • To Ryan Redondo who shares my experiences with Energy Psychology in Sports. I am looking forward to exchange more insights and new thoughts.

  • To Dawson, your work with Energy Psychology and research is priceless!

  • And most of all, I am forever grateful to Greg, who has stayed in touch all these years sharing his wisdom, experience and insights and for introducing me to my tribe!

To all the others that I met and who fulfilled my festival with deep conversations, openness, sharing, authenticity, new knowledge and interesting techniques and insights – Thank You!

Two quotes comes to mind after this weekend:

“Home is not a place.. it’s a feeling”


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Ghandi

Looking forward to coming home again soon ☺


We Built this Community for YOU

If you're an athlete or coach who approaches competition with your mind, body and spirit...

If you've ever had to integrate a spiritual practice into your routine and felt totally overwhelmed with where to start, which practice to use and how to communicate with your team, teammates or coaches WHY you're doing it...

If you've ever wanted to know how to bring the discipline and energy of martial arts into tennis, the power of football into swimming, the meditation of rowing into soccer or any other cross-training method for awakened consciousness to your sport...

If you're an elite coach and want a community of peers to lean on when YOU are struggling to find your emotional center...

If you're an elite athlete who's seeking THE NEXT LEVEL of performance and KNOWS it's not going to come from doing one more physical rep...


If you've ever felt isolated from your athletic community because you value LOVE more than grit...

You are home.

Why should you join us?

We believe that sport is a vehicle for elevating consciousness, but elevating consciousness through sport only matters if it actually helps you achieve a peak performance state, get in the zone and compete at your highest level.

By joining the best Omni Athletes and Coaches in the world, who believe in approaching peak performance from a perspective that emphasizes mind, body and spirit you can...

  • Authentically connect with other athletes & coaches like you
  • Access the best information on mind, body and spirit peak performance training in the world
  • Be part of a community that will help hold you accountable to your mission
  • Ignite motivation to stay on the path of awakened consciousness
  • Uncover a language to describe what you are experiencing
  • Co-create the future of sports and coaching culture

Some of your fellow members...

Heidi McCoy

Omni Athlete, Martial Artist & Mindset Mentor

Buddy Biancalana

World Series Champion, Founder of Zone Motion

Scott Ford

SEC Group Co-Founder, USPTA Pro, Author, Clinician and Performance Specialist

Cara Bradley

Best-selling author, Body-Mind Coach & Entrepreneur

David Meggyesy

SEC Group Co-Fonder, Bestselling Author, Former NFL Linebacker

Robyn Meagher

Health & Performance Coach, 2x Olympian, Registered Clinical Counselor

Jackie Knechtel

Co-Founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute

Jason Dorland

Author, Olympian, Storyteller & Coach

Catherine Widgery

Artist & World-Champion Rower

Scott Bottorff

Fascia Specialist, Former Semi-Pro Hockey Player & Lifelong Athlete

Barry Robbins

SEC Group Co-Founder, Former Nationally Ranked Athlete

Ryan Redondo

Director of Tennis/Men's Head Tennis Coach at University of the Pacific

Robert Rudelic

Integrative Sports Therapist & Peak Performance Coach

John Dunning

Hall-of-Fame Stanford Volleyball Coach

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