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The Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group

We Built this Community for YOU

If you're an athlete or coach who approaches competition with your mind, body and spirit...

If you've ever had to integrate a spiritual practice into your routine and felt totally overwhelmed with where to start, which practice to use and how to communicate with your team, teammates or coaches WHY you're doing it...

If you've ever wanted to know how to bring the discipline and energy of martial arts into tennis, the power of football into swimming, the meditation of rowing into soccer or any other cross-training method for awakened consciousness to your sport...

If you're an elite coach and want a community of peers to lean on when YOU are struggling to find your emotional center...

If you're an elite athlete who's seeking THE NEXT LEVEL of performance and KNOWS it's not going to come from doing one more physical rep...


If you've ever felt isolated from your athletic community because you value LOVE more than grit...

You, my friend, are home.

Why should you join us?

We believe that sport is a vehicle for elevating consciousness, but elevating consciousness through sport only matters if it actually helps you achieve a peak performance state, get in the zone and compete at your highest level.

By joining the best Omni Athletes and Coaches in the world, who believe in approaching peak performance from a perspective that emphasizes mind, body and spirit you can...

  • Authentically connect with other athletes & coaches like you
  • Learn how to quiet the mind when it wants to give up
  • Be one with what you do and enjoy every second to the fullest
  • Find the internal fire to stay motivated when returning from injuries or obstacles
  • Leverage the energy you feel from others performing at their best to access your flow state
  • Uncover how they reach a “zen state” through sport and compeition
  • Integrate EP and consciousness practices more in your daily routine
  • Promote positive self talk before, during and after competing

Some of your fellow members...

Heidi McCoy

Omni Athlete, Martial Artist & Mindset Mentor

Scott Ford

SEC Group Co-Founder, USPTA Pro, Author, Clinician and Performance Specialist

David Meggyesy

SEC Group Co-Fonder, Bestselling Author, Former NFL Linebacker

Robyn Meagher

Health & Performance Coach, 2x Olympian, Registered Clinical Counselor

Jason Dorland

Author, Olympian, Storyteller & Coach

Scott Bottorff

Fascia Specialist, Former Semi-Pro Hockey Player & Lifelong Athlete

Ryan Redondo

Director of Tennis/Men's Head Tennis Coach at University of the Pacific

Robert Rudelic

Integrative Sports Therapist & Peak Performance Coach

Ok I get why, but what is it exactly?

Think of this community as...

22% high level peer networking

18% accountability to stay committed to integrating all of your practices through daily challenges, questions and live Q&As with fellow SEC Group members

23% knowledge base where you can store, learn and collaborate on peak performance training across all sports and disciplines

37% growth catalyst for your practice/training through short interviews and trainings from fellow members

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